Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin – How to Score a High Score of 999,999

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is an excellent ride to show off your marksman’s skills! On this ride, you enter the ride vehicle, a space cruiser, complete with battery pack and two laser shooters. Each cruiser is equipped with one joystick which swivels the vehicle right and left to help you and your partner gain better access to the various targets. You will find each target marked with an electric “Z” encased in a circle shape of yellow, orange and black. These targets may be located on walls, moving objects or spinning space gadgets.

To get the best score, first it is important to understand that the laser shoots a laser line. Continue to hold down the laser trigger throughout the ride to help get a visual on where your shots are hitting. Keeping the trigger dispensed also allows you to receive points even when you are not hitting a target (Disney wants even the little ones to get a pretty great score even if they are not the best shot!)

If you want to get the best score possible, take this advice:

  1. Be in control of the joystick. This way you gain the best possible access to the targets you seek.
  2. Only aim at the high scoring objects. You can score on the higher payout objects as many times as you accurately hit the target.
  3. In your first room once you can shoot, hit the target located on the left arm of the orange robot on the left, 100,000 points per accurate shot.
  4. Turn the ride vehicle and hit the backside of that same arm, 25,000 points per accurate shot.
  5. In your second room, hit the targets located on the volcano, 25,000 points per accurate shot.
  6. In the third room, hit the target located below Zurg, 100,000 points per accurate shot.
  7. Should your ride vehicle stop, continue to shoot!!!

You can do it, you can max out your score at 999,999. Be sure to bring along a camera to commemorate this important milestone in your Disney adventure!

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