Bring this Incredible Cooler into Disney World

One really great way you can save on your next trip to Disney World is by bringing in a cooler with items for your meals and snacks.  Depending on the size of your party, this could potentially save you over $100 per day!  One cooler that is being sold now that has great reviews (and that my family currently is loving) is this RTIC 20 Soft Pack – (Keeps Ice up to 5 Days).  This cooler is truly amazing and really does keep ice for up to 5 days.  In the hot Florida sun, you need a cooler that is dependable and easy to carry.  This cooler is just the ticket!

RTIC soft pack coolers and shipping is completely FREE (not eligible for Amazon Prime)!

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Here are the features of the RTIC 20 Soft Pack:

  • RTIC 20 Soft Pack – Keeps Ice up to 5 Days (See details).
  • Holds up to 20 Cans Plus Ice.
  • No Leak Zipper.
  • Exterior Does Not Sweat.
  • Up to 2″ of Foam Insulation.

If this cooler is too small, the company also has other products that are just as efficient.  See all of their products here.

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