Breakfast and Lunches onboard a Disney Cruise

As you might have heard, the Disney Cruise Line has a wide variety of wonderful dining opportunities. Meet the Magic recently wrote about the great dinner dining experiences here, but what about the breakfast and lunches while onboard? Here are some of the details:

  • While you arrive on your departure day, if you arrive early enough, you can have your lunch right after boarding onboard! When I recently cruised on the Disney Magic, we arrived on the ship at 12:30 pm and headed straight to Carioca’s for a superb lunch. The meal immediately set the tone for relaxation. The wait staff was very attentive and the food was amazing. Here is a photo of the mounds of seafood:
Mounds of Seafood in Carioca's on the Disney Magic

Mounds of Seafood in Carioca’s on the Disney Magic

  • For your breakfast and lunch meals, you can choose to dine in a buffet style restaurant. Here you can walk through the buffet line and choose what items you most want to eat. It is very nice to be able to see what the options are rather than just read about them in a menu.
  • If you prefer to have your meal at a table service location, there are locations available for both meals. While you will have wait staff available to you, they will likely differ from your dinner wait staff.
  • Too tired to deal with getting dressed for a meal? No problem, you can simply call to get room service. In the drawer of our dresser was a breakfast menu. First, we would fill out the form, adding what items we wanted. Then, afterwards, we hung it on the door the night before. The next morning at the specified time we added to the order form, our food arrived. There is no charge for room service! There was no form for the lunch or snack items. We simply called room service and asked if we could have a particular item delivered and they would let us know what items within those possibilities they had available. It was AMAZING!

These are just a few great things to look forward to for your breakfast and lunch meals onboard a Disney Cruise.

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