Big Thunder Mountain Railroad by Jodi Whisenhunt

Magic Kingdom's Big Thunder Mountain

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Name of Attraction:

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Opening Date:


Approximate Length:

4 minutes


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad debuted at Walt Disney World in 1980, a year after the 1979 Disneyland installation opened. Built to resemble the rugged redstone of Utah’s Monument Valley, this runaway mine train totes ’49-ers up a 197-foot mountain, then careens down gorges, through caverns and around hairpin turns. The “wildest ride in the wilderness” rumbles through the flooded mining town of Tumbleweed, reaching speeds of 25-30 mph, past antique cogwheels, ore cars and mining tools. The attraction features 20 Audio-animatronic figures on its 2.5 acres of rocky, desert canyons in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland. Passenger trains are named I.M. Brave, U.B. Bold, I.B. Hearty, I.M. Fearless, U.R. Daring and U.R. Courageous. *Height requirement: 40 inches*

Opinion or personal story about the Attraction:

My 5-year-old son decided to be brave, bold, hearty, fearless, daring and courageous during our most recent visit to Walt Disney World. After crying the whole way through his first ride on Big Thunder, he got off and immediately hollered, “I want to do that again!” He rode Big Thunder 4 more times after that, hands up the whole ride, preferring either the front seat of the engine or the rear seat of the caboose, where he gets extra off-the-seat “air time.”

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