A Review of Beyond the Attractions by Lisa M. Battista

Beyond the Attractions: A Guide to Walt Disney World with Preschools is such a big hit on Twitter and Amazon that I had to get my own copy!  I had learned of this book from my friends on Twitter including the author herself @DisneyExplorer! 

Before I begin telling you about this amazing book, I wanted you to know you can get your copy from Amazon.  The book is currently selling the book for $15.99.  It really is a bargain and a great addition to any Disney book collection!

As you may know, I am a mother to one son, age 4.  He and I have been traveling to Disney World since he was 3 months old.  Before going to the parks with my son, I did NO research.  My son was 3 YEARS old before I realized that Baby Care Centers existed!  Beyond the Attractions focuses on the things that I definitely had missed and would have been so grateful to have known! 

The book includes detailed information and tips that are appropriate for everyone, but slanted towards those traveling with a preschooler:  1.  Preparing for your trip, 2.  Disney Lodging, 3.  Transportation, 4.  Touring, 5. Attractions, 6. Hidden Activities, 7. Dining, 8. Recreation, 9. Parades and Character Greetings, 10. Child Care and Safety, 11. Seasonal Events, and 12. Paying for the Magic. 

While these are the basic topics, what I found was that Lisa added so many tips I decided to begin turning down the corners of my carefully highlighted book so I could quickly refer to the tips, additional planning information shared and the research I needed to do as a result of information given.   Looking at my book now, I have nearly 30 pages with the pages downturned! 

For myself, I found one of my favorite tips to be that the maps for the parks include an “S” symbol to denote when a Single Rider Line is available.  I had no idea!  I need to pay more attention to those park maps to save me some extra line time!  Also I found out that in the Magic Kingdom the first explorers on Tom Sawyer’s Island can often times participate in a scavenger hunt!  You will need to get the book to find out what you are searching for and the possible reward for finding said item! 

The book is great for yourself, but also makes for a great gift for those that will be vacationing with a preschooler to Walt Disney World.  Really, I honestly would have been so grateful to have had this book before vacationing with my little one there at Disney World! 

Again, please find your copy of Beyond the Attractions: A Guide to Walt Disney World with Preschoolers at Amazon or at Lisa Battista’s site Beyond the Attractions.

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