Best Locations for a nap at Epcot

Son Asleep in Stroller with Mickey Ears

Son Asleep in Stroller with Mickey Ears

A day at any of the Disney theme parks can be long and exhausting for everyone. If you are too big for a stroller, you might be interested in finding a location safe to take a decent nap if your goal is to stay in the park for the whole day.  Here are my favorite locations for taking a nap while visiting Epcot:

Bench or Seat

There is no shame in taking a nap in a park bench or seat.  Below, photographed was a very tired man that had found the stair railings to be of assistance while he took a nap. The World Showcase is full of plenty of benches and seats so search for the one that fits you and get some shut-eye!

EPCOT Japan Pavilion Naptime


Grassy Area

If you can find a shady, grassy area, you can stretch out and take a nap there.  In the Future World of Epcot, there are plenty of grassy areas to get some shut-eye!  Bring a blanket with you if you are serious about taking a mid-day nap to increase your comfort levels.


An Attraction

The longest running show in Epcot is the American Adventure.  While many people love the show, I cannot stay awake for an entire showing.  I fall asleep, try to enjoy the show, fall asleep again.  The show is air conditioned, has comfortable chairs and lasts 30 minutes.  This is simply perfect napping conditions once I have made it all the way around to the American Adventure!

The American Adventure

The American Adventure


Between Club Cool and the Character Spot

Inside the buildings between these two attractions is an interior location which houses restrooms and tables and chairs.  The location is well air conditioned and is very spacious.  With so much space, even when it is loud, the noise moves around the room nicely making for a dull roar.  You will often find people sleeping on the ground, in the chairs or leaned up against table while sitting on the chairs.

Baby Care Center

If your child is the person in your party that needs the nap, you really should consider the Baby Care Center.  These locations are nice, quite and air conditioned.  They include private nursing room, spaces for changing your child’s diaper, and even places to feed your child. 

Overall, there are many, many locations within Epcot to take a nap.

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