Beauty and the Beast Rose Arrangement by Roseshire



The Roseshire company has recently partnered with Disney to create their own limited edition Beauty and the Beast rose collection, adding to the celebration of one of the most timeless love stories in modern history!  Recently, the company sent me one of these limited editions and it was certainly an experience to have!  It arrived in a box outside of my home.  We had left the house for about 3 – 4 hours so the box arrived sometime during the time we were gone.  Once we opened the typical brown box, here is what was inside:

Roseshire Delivery

We pulled the beautiful Beauty and the Beast themed box out and saw the black card included.  This card was closed with a was impression that was gold and included a rose imprint.  (Fancy!)  The card inside was also Beauty and the Beast themed and included a personal message from the company specifically written to me.

Roseshire Letter with Roses Roseshire Beauty and the Beast Themed Card

My family excitedly opened the package box that held the roses and were amazed at the beautiful colors.  See what you think:

Roseshire Beauty and the Beast Roses

We were so excited over the whole arrangement that we completely did not follow the instructions.  We added the flowers to a vase and got them all perfectly arranged.  It was only after getting every rose arranged that I went to take the box off of the counter that I noticed the instructions to keeping the roses at their most vibrant life as printed on the box:

Open Box of Roseshire Beauty and the Beast Roses

Of course, I want the roses to live as long as possible so I started again, following the instructions as they were stated on the box.  I was careful to cut off the ends and to add in the proper water temperature and rose food that also came in the box:Chrystal packages to keep Roses alive Longer

I arranged the roses again and placed them on the fireplace hearth where they are still on display!

Here is the official information from the company on these roses:

There’s not better way to be part of the fantasy of the “enchanted rose” than having a dozen luxury roses delivered right to your doorstep – – within a themed box that offers an experience unto itself. While we can’t claim you will earn the love of another before the last petal drops, this makes the perfect gift for all the Disney/ Emma Watson/ Dan Stevens fans in your life.

The Beauty and the Beast collection features a character-inspired design on the interior and exterior of Roseshire’s trademark rose boxes and roses in the hues of traditional red or Bella-inspired, “red-fringed” yellow.

Roseshire builds their products locally and ships overnight, nationwide. Each product is handmade, and each rose is assessed, manicured, and affixed with individual water tubes to ensure the superior quality and health. Roseshire has been disrupting the floral category with uniquely curated collections that appeal to discerning tastes, honor the symbolism of the rose, and support the superior quality of each flower.

These Roseshire Beauty and the Beast themed roses are absolutely gorgeous and would make anyone feel special.  Or if you enjoy roses yourself, go ahead and send yourself a dozen!  Roseshire also has many other themed roses.  Be sure to check out all of their products here. And thank you again to Roseshire for sending me the limited edition roses!


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