Be sure to Find those Ride Photo Cameras for Fun Disney Photos

My family has always enjoyed the ride photos that are taken while in Disney.  If you have the myDisney Experience Disney World phone app, you know you can see those ride photos in detail right from the app.  Depending on your park ticket, you will get the photos for free or need to purchase them in order to be able to download them.  But how do you get the best ride photo?

During my last trip to Disney, my family had the best time with the ride photos.  My sister here, posing as a Hollywood star, is not a frequent Disney park-goer but you cannot tell by the way she was able to pose just in time for this ride photo:


And one of our favorite photos from our trip there with my father on his 70th birthday celebration was this photo of him holding on for dear life on the Slinky Dog attraction:


My son is always s a jokester and wanted to be funny by posing for a photo looking the wrong way:

But to get these funny photos, you first need to know exactly where to locate the cameras.  If you are not aware of where to find the, you have 2 options:

  • Ask a cast member where the ride camera can be found.
  • Pose for the entire time you are on the attraction.

Among the most important part is to enjoy your time on the attractions and to see exactly how much fun you had in those ride photos on the myDisney Experience app following the ride whether you know or do not know where the ride camera was located!

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