Disney World Baby Care Centers not Just for Babies!

I first took my son to Disney World when he was three months old.  At the time, I had never really paid any attention to the facilities for parents with children.  I quickly came to realize that many of the restaurants did not have a changing table!  I could not believe this!  As a result, I would simply find a quiet spot and change my son’s diaper in the stroller.

Soon after this, I was reading through the maps and discovered the Baby Care Centers available at each of the parks.  I saw that they were situated at the front of the parks.  On my next trip, I was sure to make use to these centers.  I will admit that I have not checked out the one available in the Animal Kingdom, but am all too familiar with those in the other parks.

My favorite of these is the Center found at Hollywood Studios.  The Center is located through a door to the left in the Guest Relations.  This Center, unlike that located in the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT is not actively manned by a cast member.  The Hollywood Studios Center has plenty of changing tables in the changing room,  two private rooms for nursing, a tiny potty (and I do mean tiny!) and a microwave.  In addition, bowls and plasticware are also available in the kitchen section.  The kitchen section includes a television, chairs, and high chairs.  In addition, most of the Centers sell a variety of baby foods, drinks, diaper needs and medicines.

While we started using these Centers when my son was a baby, my son and I still find the Centers a good place to get him (well, me too) away from the hustle and bustle of all of the park activities, if even for a few minutes.  I enjoy bringing our lunches and eating them in the Centers.  I have used the microwave to heat soup or maccaroni and cheese for us a hot lunch.  My son stays entertained while I ready our lunch here by watching Disney cartoons.  Since my son is now 4, I am conscious of others with smaller children and wait for them to use the facilities first before using them myself.  I feel that is only fair since really he is no longer a baby.

I suppose that I like the Center there at Hollywood Studios most simply because it feels more private.  This particular center is nearly always empty and extremely quiet.  So when we visit, it is nearly like having our own private lunch room!  I have had conversations with Disney and found that these centers are open to babies of all ages, so go ahead and be a baby!

If you have any questions about these Centers, please send them my way!  I have visited them so frequently, I just may know the answers!

3 comments for “Disney World Baby Care Centers not Just for Babies!

  1. November 10, 2010 at 6:06 pm

    i am SO behind on my blogs & am just catching up with yours now. thank you for this excellent tip about the baby care center at hollywood studios. i know my 3yo gal & i will love this quiet area when we head to WDW next year.

    • November 10, 2010 at 6:46 pm

      It really is great. It is the only one where there are no WDW workers hanging out (and sort of over) you. Have fun!

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