Allergic Reaction while Staying at Disney World

Over the course of the last few vacations to Disney World, I have experienced an allergic reaction to something.  After going to Disney this past trip, I was left with a much more defined reaction to something.  I found I had a rash which began development around my neck, on my ears, and the bottom of my arms.  During the vacation, the rash began developing.  Luckily, I had packed some allergy medicine, benedryl.   I am not certain your personal thoughts on benedryl, but I have a love hate relationship with it.  On the one hand, it helps me forget that I am having an allergic reaction.  However, on the other hand, it makes me super tired leaving the hours after taking the meds very difficult.

While staying at the Disney resort, I began to attempt to figure out what exactly I was allergic to.  The rash was beginning to take over my thoughts because I was itching so, so much.  In the heat of the days, my skin began to itch more and more.  While standing in line for attractions, I began checking out other posts on allergic reactions while visiting Disney.  I thought perhaps I was allergic to some of the flower or trees added for the Flower and Garden Show at EPCOT.  Then I thought perhaps I was allergic to the detergents used to clean the towels and sheets.  I even took that research so far as to call the front desk to see if they had others that also shared this issue.  The Cast Member stated that all of their sheets and towels are cleaned in a hypo-allergenic detergents.  Then, I remembered, my sister has suffered from this exact issue in the past.  I called her as I itched my rashed skin as I drove home.

She did some research on the matter and found, what I believe is the correct issue.  We believe we are having a reaction to the intense sun exposure after many months of days indoors.  It is called RLE (or polymorphic light eruption).   Now, days after returning from the vacation, I still have this extremely intense rash which itches and continues to spread.  I will continue to take the benedryl so I can survive through the end of the rash.  In the future, I have read that I need to use 50 SPF and wear clothing that also contains SPF.  Always hoping to get a small tan while on vacation, I am not a fan of this.  However, who wants to be on vacation and only think of how itchy their skin is!

What to learn here?

  • Prepare for the unexpected when you go on any vacation.  Be sure to take along allergy medicine or whatever medication you may need, just in case!
  • Know your body. It is much easier to take care of things such as allergic reactions as soon as they begin!
  • Think through the problem.  For my issue, I was able to research to find out approximately what was wrong with me so I could help to prevent the issue from getting worse.

If you have had a similar issue, please share it with us here in the comments.  This may help others to have a more comfortable vacation!

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