All Star Sports Bedding Updated for Cleaner Comforts

All Star Sports Double Beds

All Star Sports Double Beds

When I go on vacation, I admin, I am a complete fanatic about the cleanliness of the room I am to stay in.  The thought of all of the possible germs in room which could make me or my son sick is enough to make me pack Clorox wipes and be sure to pull down all of the covers before sitting on ANYTHING in the room.

I am happy to report, though, that I have read stories of others admit that they must put down towels on all surfaces of the room to ensure that they are walking and sitting on a clean area!  I do insist that I either not touch the remote control or clean it first after hearing that of all of the objects in a hotel room, the remote holds the most germs.  Yuck!

In the last year, I have noticed a trend among the hotels.  Instead of having a top comforter or bedspread (which is rarely cleaned), the bed is made with a bottom or fitted sheet, a top sheet, a blanket and another top sheet on top of the blanket.  To make the look more inviting, a narrow blanket is added to the footing of the bed for color, etc.  This bedding style gives the guests of the rooms a clean surface as both the top sheets are cleaned every time a new guest is invited to a room!  Finally, a way to give guests a completely clean bed.  It is so nice to walk into a room and see this bedding presentation.

On arriving in our All Star Sports rooms in January, we were greeted with this bedding style!  Good job, Disney!  Thank you for the welcomed change to the bedding and for giving your guests a more clean-friendly room!

1 comment for “All Star Sports Bedding Updated for Cleaner Comforts

  1. Melissa
    January 22, 2013 at 7:42 am

    I’m glad to hear about this!! I always flip out about that stuff. We drive to WDW so I make sure we bring our own pillows and covers & I pull most of everything off the beds when we arrive & Lysol spray & wipe everything when we first walk in.
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

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