Advice for SeaWorld Ticketing

SeaWorld Dolphin Show

A day at SeaWorld is packed with many different adventures from those found at the other Orlando theme parks.  For those who have not visited SeaWorld, here is some great advice for the ticketing process. When you arrive at SeaWorld, the line to purchase tickets can be rather long depending on the time of day you arrive.  To avoid that line, you really should consider buying tickets before your arrive.  If you do purchase the tickets beforehand, you have the freedom to print them out and completely avoid the SeaWorld ticketing line!

Here is the process:

  • Head over to
  • Select the tickets you want to purchase for your day’s visit
  • Save MONEY on your day of fun with the animals!  The savings on purchasing your tickets before you go is at LEAST $15!
  • Print the tickets or receipt from your purchase and head to the park.
  • No waiting in line!

SeaWorld Dolphin Show

Now, head on in to your favorite attraction and be in the park faster than all of those other people in line!

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