A List of Things To Do While Waiting Inline at a Disney Theme Park

When visiting a theme park, a large majority of the time spent in the park is experienced waiting in line.  For many a people, they simply spend the time inline complaining or standing doing nothing.  However, this list may help pass the time spent in the lines faster for you.

Things to Do While Waiting Inline at Disney World:

  • Eat a snack – You can choose to eat a snack that you have brought with you or one that you have purchased direct from the Mouse.
  • Prepare – Read through the Park Map.  This will help you familiarize yourself with the park layout and help you get to your next attraction quicker.  Read through the Show Times (typically this comes as an insert with your Park Map) – This will help you plan out your day so you do not miss out on any of the free high quality entertainment available throughout the parks.
  • Games – Bring along a stack of Trivial Pursuit cards from the game and see who in your party has the best trivial knowledge.
  • Read/Reply to Emails or Websites on your phone.  This can be a great time to catch up on sending your friend an email who you have meant to email weeks or months ago.
  • Talk to your willing line neighbors – It is always fun to learn about other people and their experiences at Disney.  (Be mindful, though, of people who do not want to talk!)
  • Books with Great Information – When visiting Disneyland pick up a copy of Lots To Do Inline Disneyland – This book has all sorts of great games to play while standing in line at Disneyland utilizing the actual queues.  Find a copy of this great book here.  They are hidden throughout the attraction’s queues. To get a copy of a book of these hidden gems, click here for Hidden Mickeys and Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys by Steven Barrett.
  • Education – Play I-Spy with small children using age appropriate items. For example, for preschool children use colors, while older children items that begin with the letter “???”.  This will help get in a bit of education.

Please feel free to leave your suggestions below in the comments section for additional fun things to do while inline!

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