A List of Things Disney Cast Members CANNOT Do

Disney Main Street Cast Member

Being a Cast Member at Walt Disney World is a well-respected and important position, respected by many Guests who visit the park per year.  To make the magic what is presented in the parks, Disney requires that each Cast Member adhere to strict guidelines. This allows for the look and feel of the theme parks to remain cohesive during Guest visit after visit.

Here is a list of some of these guidelines:

  • No visible tattoos.  If there is a Cast Member with a tattoo, they must cover it up in some respect. This can be done -with a long sleeve shirt or band aid.
  • Piercings must be minimized.  They Cast Members can wear one small earring per ear only.  Any other piercings cannot be seen by the Guests.
  • Point with one finger. In the Disney World, pointing with one finger is a no-no!  Watch a Cast Member as they point with two fingers each and every time they point at something.  I have always heard that this gesture being used by Cast Members goes back to the days when Walt Disney began Disneyland!
  • Walk between other areas of the park. The Cast Members wear costumes that are specific to the area of the park they work in for that day.  They are not allowed to walk in other areas of the park while wearing those costumes.  If they remove the costume, they can remove their name badge as well and go to the other areas.  This makes each of the various areas of the park feel more authentic with the Cast Member being “onstage”.
  • Leave trash out.  The Cast Members are not able to pass trash without picking it up.  This helps to keep the areas clean.

There are other just a few of the things that help to keep the Disney parks nice and consistent each time Guests visit!

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