A Guide to Walt Disney’s Hometown by WeLoveOrlandoFl.com

A guide to Walt Disney's Hometown Marceline MO


Our friends over at WeLoveOrlandoFl.com have done a wonderful job at taking us on a walk through of Marceline, Missouri, the original Main Street USA from Magic Kingdom.  This great article will show you photos and discussions of the following in Marceline:

  • A brief history of Marceline
  • Uptown Theatre
  • Locomotive #2546
  • The Marceline Post Office
  • Walt Disney’s Childhood Farm
  • Walt’s Dreaming Tree and Barn
  • Walt Disney Elementary
  • The Walt Disney Municipal Park
  • The Walt Disney Hometown Museum

Of all of the details, the most interesting looks to be the Museum with many artifacts and exciting pieces of history.  Be sure to check out all of the details here before (or instead) of visiting Marceline.

And a special thank you to WeLoveOrlandoFl.com for sharing this information!

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