A Great Disney Book for Teaching Your Kid English, Math, etc.

51np+GdQXLL._SY346_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_A few years ago, I was fortune enough to receive a copy of Walt Disney World Adventure:  A Field Guide & Activity Book for Explorers.  I read through the book, learning about the subject matters and the information found within which includes the following:

“Turn a trip to Walt Disney World into a learning adventure!

The mystery and magic of Walt Disney World is captured in this fun-filled adventure field guide. Jam-packed with curriculum-based activities and challenges, “Walt Disney World Adventure” encourages Explorers to follow cryptic clues, decode concealed messages, and solve challenging puzzles as they uncover hidden details and unlock Disney secrets around the four theme parks.”

With plenty of time this summer, I wanted to spend time with my 7 year old son not only doing something fun, but also educational (though, I really did not want to be too educational as to bore my son during his summer break!)  Somehow, I remembered the Walt Disney World Adventure:  A Field Guide & Activity Book for Explorers book and wondered if the activities within would be too old or too young for my son.

We opened the book and began reading about our favorite location together.  After the discussion of each land or attraction in Walt Disney World, my son and I enjoyed working on the educational activities that followed.  The activities included math, English, science and other topics.  Some of the activities are above my son’s learning level, but with the theme of Disney as a backbone for each activity, my son continued to push to complete each activity.  It was nice moving through the activities and helping my son learn new ideas, topics I would never think to discuss with him quite yet.  It was also wonderful to complete a task and to think that I had actually taught him something that will later be introduced to him in school!

For homeschooling parent or parents who enjoy spending time with their children doing something fun (yet educational), this is perfect!  If your child is a Disney fan, this book will certainly be a hit!

If you would like to get your own copy of Walt Disney World Adventure:  A Field Guide & Activity Book for Explorers, simply slick on any of the links for the book and find it on sale now!

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