9 Signs You’ve Been to Disney Too Many Times!

Do you have friends and family accusing you of going to Disney too many times?  Well, read through this list and see if you identify with more than half of these.  Then you will know that yes, you have been to Disney too many times!

  1. Other Fireworks are just not up to Disney Standards
Cinderella Castle and Fourth of July Fireworks

Cinderella Castle and Fourth of July Fireworks

No matter how great the fireworks display is when you are not in Disney, you say or at least think, this is not nearly as good as the show at the Magic Kingdom.

2.  Maps are not needed – 

You have no need for a map of the parks (unless you are adding them to your personal collection) because you know all cut throughs, restaurant locations, and baby changing station.

3. You know exactly where to find all the Hidden Mickeys in an attraction –

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Hidden Mickey Clock

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Hidden Mickey Clock

Wanting to know all of the great secrets of the attraction, you know exactly where to find the Hidden Mickeys. You even might know when additional Mickeys are added or removed!

4. You note the updates – 

When you see that Disney had barricaded off a section of the park, you immediately begin googling what the update will be and when it will be completed.  You might even take photos of this area.

5.  You know where all of the restrooms are without asking – 

There are a wide variety of restaurants peppered in the parks and you know exactly where to find the one that is closest to you without thinking about it too long.

New Women's Restrooms in The Land

New Women’s Restrooms in The Land

6. You know how to avoid long queues even on very busy days – 

When visiting the parks on very busy days, you know that there are attractions that will be less busy than others because they can accommodate many, many people at a time or because they are not as popular as others.


Magic Kingdom's PhilharMagic

Magic Kingdom’s PhilharMagic

      7. You know the Disney Resorts simply by seeing a photo –

You have been to Disney so many times and have visited or stayed in most of the resorts in Disney World.  All you have to do is see a photo of the Resort and you know which one it is!

Disney World Grand Floridian Resort

Disney World Grand Floridian Resort

      8. You understand the Fastpass System – 

While some find the Fastpass System to be complicated, you have no problem working the system to get the best possible passes for your day at the parks.

     9.  You notice the details – 

When riding attractions, you catch details others miss such as the fact that in Ellen’s Energy Adventure you will find many celebrities in the film, such as Michael Richards (Kramer on Seinfeld).

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