5 Things Disneyland Offers Not Available at Disney World

A visit to Disneyland does include a few exciting differences from the park’s counterpart at Walt Disney World.

Two of the most obvious differences are the locations and amount of available space.  Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California where the real estate is less plentiful.  As a result, attractions throughout the parks are closer together.  Additionally, here you will find only 3 Disney owned Resorts.  In Disney World, space is in abundance.  There are well over 20 Disney owned Resorts.  Guests of Walt Disney World often times notice that they have walked many MILES per day because attractions are spaced out much further away from one another.

With these initial differences in mind, here are 5 things Disneyland offers that are not available in Walt Disney World:<!–more–>

1.  Guests can ride in the front of the Monorail – Disneyland did not change their policy allowing guests to ride in the front of the monorail following the accident that occurred back in 2009.  If you want to get to the front of the monorail, simply ask a Cast Member at the monorail.  You may be required to wait behind others with similar requests, meaning you may have to wait a number of times for the monorail to have space for your up front ride.

2.  The Walt Disney World Fastpass enforced policy is not being enforced in Disneyland.  Visitors of Disneyland have recently stated that while Disney World is enforcing the return times on Fastpass tickets, Disneyland is not!  So in Disneyland, if you are nowhere near the attraction you have a Fastpass ticket for at the time it suggests you need to return for your ride, you can return at a time that is more convenient.

3. You can walk.  As previously mentioned, Disneyland does not include nearly as much acreage.  As such, you can walk from Disneyland to Disney California Adventures within minutes.  If you are staying at a local resort, many times, they are within walking distance.  Downtown Disney is located right outside of both of the theme parks, making a shopping or dining experience there during your park day feasible.  If dining at Disney is not what you want to do, you can instead walk to a large number of non-Disney owned restaurants nearby.

4.  Visit some of your old favorite Disney World attractions.  For those of you who were upset with the closure of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, you can relive the memories at Disneyland!  The attraction is still located at Disneyland’s Fantasyland and is loads of fun and adventure!  As many of you know, soon Snow White’s Scary Adventure will close at Walt Disney World.   To relive your scary adventures with Snow White, visit Disneyland!

5.  Find differences in many of your favorite Walt Disney World attraction that will make you question which version you like best!  Disneyland has many attractions which are also available in Disney World.  Here are a few:

  • Tower of Terror – Rumor has it that the ToT in Disneyland is not quite as adventurous as the one in WDW.
  • The Haunted Mansion – The one in Disneyland includes the use of an actual elevator for the stretching room, meaning the room stretches down.  The room in Disney World stretches up.  The sensation difference is worth a trip to both parks for comparison!
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean – The Disneyland version is longer and includes a variety of scenes that are simply brilliant!
  • Dinasaur! and Indiana Jones Adventure – The tracks for these two attractions are mirror images of one another.  Can you tell when you ride?

There are the 5 things I found most important that Disneyland offers that is not available in Disney World.  I invite you to comment on your list!

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