Create your Own Disney Sourvenir Coaster

Making your own souvenir from a Disney map is a great way to use the maps you collected from your Disney vacation for something to use for years to come in your home.  The project will be something fun to enjoy as a family once you return home. It may also help to reduce how much you spend on souvenirs while actually on vacation!

Here is where to begin:

1.  Enjoy a great Disney vacation.  While there collect a Disney map, pirate map, or other paper item to use for making drink coasters.
2.  Go home and get the following supplies:  scissors, modge podge (I used a coupon for 50% off of the $5 cost for the tub), tiles of any color (mine were $.31 for two), bumpers for the base of the tile (to prevent scratching), a paint brush and a pair of scissors. I used a Fiskars but it is not necessary image
3.  Cut the map to a 4″ x 4″ square.

image4.  Add a layer of the of modge podge to the tile.  Add the 4″ x 4″ square of map to the tile as you want it to be placed on the coaster.

5.  Paint on 3 – 5 layers of modge podge to the tile over the 4″ x 4″ square.  Let partially dry between layers of modge podge.  Also, make sure you push out any bubbles that may have formed during adding the layers of the modge podge.  If you do not push them down, you will have a bumpy coaster!

6.  Let dry for at least a day.

7.  Enjoy the final product!

Disney Coaster

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