A Cool Way to Beat the Heat in Disney!

Days in Disney World are already Blazing Hot!  The days are reaching 90 degrees already.  With hours and hours of time to spend in a theme park, how are you going to manage keeping from getting overheated?  A great way to do just that is to get a new item made by Frogg Toggs called the ChillyDana.

Frogg Toggs CD102-04 Chilly Dana

Frogg Toggs CD102-04 Chilly Dana

Basically, this is a spongy bandana which absorbs water and keeps very cold for a long period of time.  Here are the features:

  • All sports
  • All terrains
  • All Purpose
  • Evaporative cooling towel
  • Cooling head and neck wear

Even if you do not enjoy wearing a bandana, you can use this to drape across your neck or simply to wipe your face.

And to keep the ChillyDana cold, all you need to do is visit one of Disney’s quick service restaurants that gives out free ice water.  Simply put the bandana in the glass of cold water for hours of cooling!  Be sure to get your ChillyDana now before the price increases!


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