3 Steps to Becoming a Hidden Mickey Master Hunter

Animal Kingdom Tree of Life Closeup

Animal Kingdom Tree of Life Closeup

When you are visiting a Disney Theme Park, there is extra time spent standing in queues.  During your time standing in line, you and your family will certainly enjoy becoming a Hidden Mickey Master Hunter!  The Master Hunter for the group will be the Hidden Mickey finder who is able to spot the most Hidden Mickeys before the others in the group.  Here are your steps to becoming a Hidden Mickey Hunter:

  1. Get a copy of Hidden Mickeys book. There are several available copies depending on where you are headed. If traveling to Disney World, you can find all of the theme park’s Hidden Mickeys in this book. If traveling to Disneyland, you will need to get this copy instead. And finally, there is also a version for those traveling on a Disney Cruise found here!
  2. Read through the book before heading to the theme parks or on your cruise. This will help you be more familiar with the layout of the book so you can quickly begin your hunt!
  3. Head on your vacation and begin your hunt! Remember, you will find the Hidden Mickeys (typically denoted as the famous three circles which form a Mickey Mouse) while in line, in an attraction and during a show.

Be sure to carry your book whenever traveling to DIsney.  This will give you an edge on your next visit to the parks over others in your group!  Now, go out there and become a Hidden Mickey Master Hunter!

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