How to Get Kicked Out of a Disney Park

On my family’s most recent vacation to Disney World, we were among the huge crowd of fellow spring break vacationers.  We were there specifically the week before Easter.  As the days approached closer and closer to the holiday, the crowd levels became more and more significantly thicker.  We quickly found that the attraction queues had accumulations of wait times over 200 minutes long.

Wanting to make the most out of our days, we left EPCOT one day following Illuminations and headed to Magic Kingdom in time for Wishes.  Following the fireworks display, we headed to Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland.  The attraction showed 15 minutes wait for the regular line.  The line moved slowly from the onset of getting in the queue.  As we approached the merge of the regular line and the fastpass line, I began to notice that there were around 75 fastpass holders rushing through to get on the attraction for every 2-5 regular line guests.

Many of the people in the regular line began to get frustrated with the situation.  They became more and more upset until they decided to start to yell at the Cast Member working the merge of the two lines.  The guests continued until many of the other guests in the line joined in.  One guest decided they had had enough of the waiting, left his wheelchair-bound wife, grabbed his small son and cut in front of other guests to join the merged line to get on Buzz Lightyear.  The Cast Member left merge and headed to get security.

Soon the Cast Member returned and continued with the merging.  Another group, still upset, decided that they too would cut the line and join the merged line to get on the attraction.  Again, the Cast Member requested security.  In return was the Disney manager who explained that the fastpass line must load quickly in order to get all of the fastpass holders on the attraction within the one-hour window now available on the fastpasses.

As a guest, we could not see what happened with the line cutters.  Instead we just remaining in line and wondered the outcome of the impatient.  Wondering what had happened, I decided to ask a Cast Member.  They told me that you will be asked to leave property (or removed) for the following:

  • Use inappropriate language
  • Do something illegal
  • Be belligerently disrespectful of Cast Members or Guests
  • Dress as a Disney character and pose as one that character with a Guest (must change clothing or in some cases be removed from the park)
  • Wear clothing that is inappropriate (if a shirt with bad language, you must turn the shirt inside out)

These are a few of the reasons you can be kicked out.  I admit that watching the situation unfold while in line was both entertaining and frightening.  Just remember, when you head down for Spring Break, you may get more than you bargained for!

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