Chaos in Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures in days before New Years


With New Years upcoming, a vacation to Disney was in order to experience the crowds and excitement! The crowd levels are expected to be crazy in the Disney parks. Hoping to reduce the amount of minutes we waited in line, my party decided to head over to Universal Studios. What we found at Universal was that my son needed a doctor, reason, loads of crowds and long lines!


Attractions such as the Forbidden Journey with waits of 120 minutes or 70 minutes for Rip Ride Rocket. We also found that the waits for Cents Care is over 2 hours! As with any vacation, the lines are not extremely fun, but ate always better than not being at the parks!


Other family members have found that even Downtown Disney ideas extremely crowded with very long lines fort purchases. In the end, I recommend that if you are a fan of the parks, Universal or Disney, a visit during the New Years is wonderful. However, if you want to experience the most attractions, stay home and come after the first of the year when you can find reduced crowds and more ride time!

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