(Nearly) Free Disney Souvenirs

Disney vacations offer a wide variety of souvenirs which can be purchased at their wide varieties of gift shops strategically placed all over their theme parks.  While I do find the items Disney has for sale in these shops enticing, I have instead found a free souvenir that I appreciate even more!

I have found that the photos I have taken are among my favorite way to commemorate my vacation.  When I see the photo I took, I am quickly brought back to the spot where the photo was taken.  I see the subject in my mind as I saw it right before I took the photo.  Seeing the photo again takes me back, even for the moment.  I love that digital photos now allow us to take many photos of a subject, in hopes to get one that best replicates what we are seeing with our own eyes.

Here are a few photos of my son I have taken along Main Street over the years.  As my subject matter gets older, I can take a few more photos without him running away before I have finished:)  My son now knows that when we come to the Magic Kingdom, mom will want to take a photo.  I love being able to flip through these photos and see how he has grown, with Main Street as a backdrop.

Disney Main Street Steps Photo Op

Disney Main Street Steps Photo Op 2012

When my son was very small, I began taking his photo on Main Street.  I decided to find a place on Main Street I felt would never be removed so in future vacation to the Magic Kingdom, I could attempt to duplicate the photo.  This helped to demonstrate the grown of my son.  What a great souvenir!

Disney Main Street Steps Photo 2009

Disney Main Street Steps Photo 2009

So, when vacationing to Disney, be sure to take your camera to the parks so you too can be sure to take home a great, nearly free Disney souvenir!

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