Save Money by Using In-Store Incentive Programs

Store InteriorWhen shopping, it is always important for you to make sure you are getting the best price for the item you intend on purchasing.  One way to accomplish this is by couponing.  (See here for an article on how to coupon to save money or find all the online printable coupons here at to the right under “Use Daily to Save”)  Another way to get additional savings is by using a credit card or rewards card.  The incentive for using the store cards can gain you better interest rates, accumulation of reward points or special discounts on the item of purchase.  In addition, you can often use a coupon on the item, then use the credit or rewards cards for additional savings.  Typically, you will be asked by the checkout clerk if you would like to participate in their card system to receive the applicable incentive.  Be sure to inquire about the offerings to get the best available deal on your item.  Here are a few examples of programs which offer available discounts:

Best Buy is a national store specializing in electronics such as computers, television, home appliances and music equipment.  For those of you who make regular purchases at Best Buy, you should consider applying for their credit card.  Cardholders receive no annual fees to worry about and extra bonuses when they are also Reward Zone members.  Reward Zone is a program Best Buy offers their customers which allows collections of points towards future rewards, such as money off future purchases.  The Best Buy cardholder and Reward Zone member receive the following benefits:

* Get 2 points per $1 spent (4% back in rewards) on qualifying purchases when you choose Standard Credit with your Reward Zone Credit Card

* or 1 point per $1 (2% back in rewards) when you choose Promotional Credit at Best Buy stores or

* Typical Promotional Credit rates are 0% financing for purchases of $149 and up for up to 6 months or receive 0% financing for up to 18 months on all purchases of $429 and above.

The best use of the Best Buy credit card is by using the card to receive the 4% back in rewards, then paying off the credit card at the end of the month.  This strategy works great for those that pay off their credit card monthly or if you typically make purchases with cash.

Target recently began offering a 5% discount.  To get the discount, you can either sign up for their 5% back REDcard by filling out, printing and mailing the application form or by filling out the appropriate paperwork while in the store checkout.  Their program allows you to choose to have a REDcard credit card or to link your debit card.  Every time you make a purchase, remember to use your REDcard or the debit card linked to the Target REDcard system and you get 5% off all of your purchases.  Additionally, all purchases made at will receive the discount AND free shipping!  There is no signup fees and no minimum purchase required!

The Lego Store offers a VIP card.  When you sign up for your free VIP card, you earn points for every purchase made in a LEGO Store or online.  With every $1 you spend, you receive 1 VIP point.  For every 100 points, you receive a $5 VIP reward.  Use this reward to help pay for any LEGO item you wish either in the store or online.

There are many other stores which offer great incentives for using their card.  What is your favorite store card?  Can you stack your coupons with the use of the store card?

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