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One of the more popular pastimes at my house of late has been WII gaming.  My son and I love to curl up together in our chair and play Epic Mickey or Kirby Epic Yarn.  The time spent laughing together as we play is priceless.  One thing I had found to be difficult when we first stated playing together and before we owned either of our Epic favorites was how to find a game that would be good for both of us to play and enjoy.

As we began shopping, we were in our local Game Stop and I mentioned that I was leery of buying a game because of their price.  (For those of you who do not have a local Game Stop, this is chain business that sells new and used video games.)  I just was not interested in purchasing a $50 game and deciding after playing it for an hour that it was not something either of us enjoyed.  The employee at Game Stop informed me that games purchased from them are returnable if you have any problems with them within 30 days after purchase.  They went further to say that should I not like a game, I could exchange it for a new one.

During our shopping for the Epic games, my son had wanted several other games such as ones that featured Dora, Spider-man, etc.  He is only 5 now and really is not that great at working the controls yet so my willingness to purchase him a plethora of games is just not there.  Then one day as I was checking out some book and movies from my local library, I hit the motherload!  Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed a WII game on the return counter.  I know I did a double-take!  I got the attention of a librarian and asked if they had WII games there for rent.  She said, “Yes, we have a few SHELVES full of them in the media room!”  Excited, I ran right back there to check out the selection.  I grabbed a Dora game for the little one and a Mario Brothers for myself.

This was so exciting!  I could now at least try out the games before buying them or just be able to play a variety of games for FREE!  Before seeing these for rent at the library, I had looked at purchasing an account at Game Fly.  However, the accounts are fairly expensive at $15.95 per month for 1 game rental at a time or $22.95 for 2 game rentals at a time.  I think I will just stick to my free rentals from the library that last 3 weeks!

Be sure to check your local library.  They are always adding new and exciting things that can entertain and save you money!

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