Use Consumer Reports to Save on High Dollar Purchases

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When making higher dollar purchases, it is always important for you to do research before making the purchase. This will help you get the product that will most meet your needs, be the best product for your dollar, and the one that will (hopefully) last the longest.

Some of the best uses of a consumer reports type website or magazine is during the purchase of a vehicle. Often times when shopping for a vehicle, we review the information provided from the manufacturer. However, the manufacturer is trying their best to make you want to purchase the item. As such, they often provide you with the information that puts their product in the most favorable light. The use of a consumer reporting information source will help you weed through the muck and get to the information you really need to know.

I personally have used Consumer Reports when purchasing my own vehicle, appliances such as vacuums, washers and dryers, etc. Not only does it help me make a better selection but also achieve peace of mind that the expensive product I am buying is one that should last me.

So, now you say, I need a copy of one of these magazines but do not want to buy a full subscription or need one from a few months back that covers the item you are most interested in. Remember, most of the consumer reviewing companies provide this information online. Most charge a fee for reviewing the report. However! If you have a local library, you can see all of these reports for FREE! I recently became aware that my local library has a subscription to Consumer Reports online, free of use to all who have their login information! Perhaps your local library has a similar arrangement.

I hope that this will save you some money on your upcoming high dollar purchases, at least in the long run!

1 comment for “Use Consumer Reports to Save on High Dollar Purchases

  1. Courtney G.
    October 15, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    We just bought a new washer and dryer last week. The first thing I did when we started the search was sign up for 1 month of Consumer Reports. I had peace of mind when I purchased the appliances knowing they were approved by Consumer Reports. Our washer and dryer are on the main floor so certain features were important to me. The washer we purchased was rated to be very quiet with low vibration. It is also energy efficient.

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