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Asking for a discount can certainly save you a bundle on your purchases.  Here is how I saved a bundle by asking:Years ago, my family decided to purchase workout equipment for our house rather than join a local gym.  I have previously written about the saving that we have had from this decision here.  We have found that this has saved us a tremendous amount of money and “drive time” over the years. After we had purchased the core equipment, we have no real additional costs to keeping our home gym until about 6 months ago when our treadmill began to have issues.  We had originally purchased this treadmill from a friend for $250.  It was, at the time, 5 years old.  We have since used it for another 10 years!  Now, that was a great investment!  But the issues began to persist and my husband and I would find that the belt on the treadmill would slow during a walk and even stop COLD during a run.  Going from a dead run to a dead stop is quite a wake up!

So, this past weekend, we decided to go ahead and get us a new treadmill.  We walked into our local Play It Again Sports and decided to purchase a new treadmill.  The new ones have a warranty and were actually less expensive than the ones they had in stock that were used.  We paid for the treadmill with the need to pick it up later in the week.

After leaving Play It Again, I began to wonder why it was that I had not asked if there was a coupon or discount available.  I decided to call to inquire and found out that there was a coupon I could still use on the purchase for an additional 15% off.  I got the coupon, presented it when I picked up the treadmill and saved myself a bundle!

So, I say to you ASK!  Ask for the discount.  The company may or may not have a discount available but you will never know until you ask.  In the end, we got the same treadmill but at a discount!  As always, please email us with any suggestions for saving money!  We all want to get to Disney faster, your suggestions certainly help!

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  1. Emmy Jo
    October 10, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    I always ask for discounts, the worst they can say is no. :)

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