Medical Bill Savings

Going to the doctor is a part of life.  Most of us head to the doctor at least one time per year for a checkup.  You may also visit your doctor more often if you experience colds or cuts or bruises throughout the year.  The visits to the doctor can be quite expensive!

While the cost of seeing a doctor is high, the cost of going to the hospital is often times much higher.  Visits to the hospital may mean that you need to pay for x-rays, MRIs, shots, anesthesia, and hospital expenses in addition to the charges from the doctors.  A simple procedure can quickly add up to large expenses.

So how can you possibly get a discount on these services?

During a recent phone call to a hospital, I inquired about estimated costs for a procedure.  After we completed that discussion I was told that if the claimant chose to pay the off the claimant’s portion of their balance on the day of the procedure, they would receive a 10% discount!  With the procedure costing thousands of dollars, a 10% discount is a real savings.

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en: Photo of a Band-Aid manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wondering if giving discounts to claimants for balances paid in full, I inquired at a different facility about other procedures done for this claimant.  This second facility explained that they too offer discounts on the claimants balance due at a rate of 20%.  The clerk explained that this discount rate is applied to give incentive to people to pay their bills in full rather than becoming part of one of their payment plans.

This is not something most people would think of when paying their medical bill.  I personally receive a statement from a medical center and immediately write a check for the full balance due.  I had never once thought to instead call to pay the bill in hopes of receiving a discount.  I have always paid the bills in full, but will call the medical center first to see if I can receive a discount.   Next time you have medical bills due, call in to the medical center and see if you too can receive a discount!  Good luck and be well!

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