How non-Disney Stroller Rentals Can Save You MONEY

As many of you with children are aware, when visiting Disney it is crucial to have a stroller!  Not only does a stroller allow for your child a place to sit and relax as you travel from attraction to attraction, but it also allows for a place to store all of the parenting gear we “must” carry with us to the parks.  I know that when I travel to the Disney parks, I bring along drinks, snacks, ponchos, a camera, and on and on.  The stroller is the perfect place to help store all of these items.  And even now that my son is 5, we still travel to Disney with a stroller.  He does the majority of the walking through the parks, but when he needs to sit, we have a place for him to do so.

When packing, I have thought about renting one of the strollers direct from Disney instead of lugging my stroller with me.  However, I have carefully observed the available strollers and wondered how comfortable they truly are.  They are made of hard plastic, much like playsets made by Little Tykes.  I am not sure how children can sit in that stroller for any length of time with any comfort.  The strollers offer no way to recline so sleeping is also very difficult.

To help out parents who do not want to pack a stroller or rent from Disney is the original stroller rental company in Orlando for Walt Disney World, Orlando Stroller.  This company opened over 3 years ago to help parents get a quality, clean stroller for a fraction of the cost of a stroller rental from Disney World.  For instance, a week’s rental of a double stroller from Disney runs $189 (assuming you get the Length of Stay discount at $27/day for 7 days) while the rental of a double stroller from Orlando Stroller costs $90!  That is savings of $99.  That is huge.  Even better, when you rent from Orlando Stroller, they bring the stroller right to your Orlando area resort.  You have access to the stroller your entire stay.  When you rent one from Disney, it must be returned at the front of the theme parks.  This leaves you to have to carry your child and any bags you may have accumulated!

Be sure to check out Orlando Stroller.  It will save you quite a bit of money!  See their FaceBook page where you can see customer remarks stating their appreciation for the quality strollers offered.  And if you decide to save money by renting from them, be sure to tell them you heard about them from Meet the Magic!

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