How to Finance Your Disney Annual Pass

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Image by Gregula via Flickr

If you are not a resident of Florida, Disney does not allow the purchase of an annual pass to be financed.  (If you are a resident of Florida, you are in luck!  You can finance the purchase of your Annual Pass over 12 months at a much better price than available for non-Florida residents.)  Not to be defeated, my friend and co-host of the Castaway Midday Show Kristen has found a great way around this rule.  Here is her plan:

1. Get the Disney Premium Visa.  This card allows for all sorts of discounts as well as a free meet and greet and free photo opportunity at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World and 2% back on many of your purchases.

2.  Book your room.  The purchase of the room can be made using your existing Annual Pass discount (or any other discount you may be able to receive for a room.)

3.  Book your park tickets.  Though you are wanting to ultimately purchase the annual pass, you should purchase a 9 Day Park Hopper Ticket without Expiration.  Currently the price of a 9 Day Park Hopper Ticket without Expiration is $615.00 while the price of an Annual Pass is $611.31 (Price quoted is for adults, non-Premium).

4.  The purchase of the room and the tickets makes the booking a package.  If the purchase of the package is made with the Disney Premium Visa, the vacation can be financed over 6 months at zero percent interest.

5.  Once on your vacation at Disney, take the 9 Day Park Hopper Tickets without Expiration to Guest Relations and ask that the ticket be converted to an Annual Pass.  The price difference is $3.69 using today’s price of the tickets.  According to Disney Ticketing, this amount will be added to a Disney gift card.

Using these steps, you are able to finance your resort stay as well as your Annual Pass.  This same process can also be used if you are renewing your Annual Pass.  Be sure to check the prices of the Park Hopper Tickets to closely match the prices of the tickets to the cost of the Annual Passes.

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