Reader Submitted Strategies for Paying for Disney

Saving  money so I can get to Disney can be a lot of fun.  Here are the suggestions of many of our readers here at Meet The Magic!  We appreciate your emails giving the Strategies.  To submit your own, please find the form here.  See what you think of these other suggestions:

Danna send in this great suggestion:

“I will put my coupon money away in a separate container.  Also, I am a WalMart associate and get 10% off certain items.  I use that amount for my fund, too!  It all adds up!”

If you are looking for ways to save money using couponing, be sure to check out the link here daily for coupons located along the sidebar.  You can also find our post here on couponing.

Lynn, our regular reader, sent in this tip:

“One thing we do to fund our trip is to have a big yard sale before our trip.  We get to rid of clutter and clothes that we no longer use/wear and save the money in our Disney Fund jar.   We also buy Disney gift cards throughout the year when we have a little extra money and also put it in our Disney Fund jar.  The cards really add up over time.  We use these cards for food and souvinEARS on our vacay so we don’t really spend a lot of cash.”

I love a good garage sale!  You can really make a lot of money and also help to get your home cleaned up.  Even better, once you have completed your garage sale, you can give the remaining items to charity.  If you choose, you can give to a charity which provides you a receipt for your donations which can help you reduce your tax liabilities!

Holly has an innovative idea:

“I am currently doing this one – I am trying to lose weight before our trip, so for every pound I lose, that is $1 into my souvenier fund! :)”

Sounds like a health way to increase your fund!

Why not try Mikey‘s suggestion:

“When ever we have extra money we buy Disney Gift cards and then put them in a safe place together so buy the time we go we have quite a bit of money put away for food and souvenirs and you can also pay for your trip with gift card :)”

A great suggestion.  Our local Kroger sells Disney gift cards.  The grocery store recently had an incentive for the purchase of gift cards.  You can collect points when you purchase gift cards during the incentive period for four points per dollar.  A collection of 100 points saves you 10 cents off of your gasoline purchase at the Kroger gas station.  Therefore, if you purchase a $100 gift card, you could save 40 cents off of a gas purchase.  I calculated that if I purchased 18 gallons of gas, I saved $7.20 (18 gallons X $.40).  That is a pretty good savings on a Disney gift card!

I look forward to hearing from you on your own suggestion!  Be sure to use the form mentioned above to send them in now!

2 comments for “Reader Submitted Strategies for Paying for Disney

  1. September 19, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    On the Disney Movie Rewards site, they will occasionally have $10 Disney Gift cards you can redeem with your points. I usually save my points and when I see them, I get them. It’s like free money!

    Love your blog. We’re going to Disney in January to run the half marathon. I have payed for the trip completely on “found money”, rebates, and other money saving tips so far. It’s been fantastic!

  2. Nita
    February 16, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    We gave our kids the responsibility of recycling cans and plastic bottles. All the money goes into a trip fund. We also have a jar for loose change.

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