How to Get the Best Car Rental Rates

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Do you need a car rental?  Typically when I travel to Disney World, I use the Magical Express between the Orlando International Airport and my Disney-owned resort.  Once at my resort, I use Disney transportation to get me from one park to the other.  However, there are many times when I travel to Disney World that I have made plans to go to Universal Studios or Legoland and must rent a car.

How I find my rentals: I always use a website such as Expedia to see which of the car rental companies has the best deal for my dates of travel.  The use of Expedia allows me to see all of the available rental rates per car category and company.  Expedia also gives me the rates of the rentals on and off the airport property so I can make the best decision.

Better Deals? I have always through that the best available deals would be from the airport, as they have higher demands on vehicles leading to lower rates. However, I decided to change the pickup location to the Walt Disney World property to see what prices they offer. What I found was better rates from most of the rental car companies. In the end I decided to rent from Enterprise so I do not have to even worry about getting to their car rental facility. (Remember their slogan, “We’ll pick you up!”).  With this in mind, I will take Magical Express bus from the airport to my Disney resort. Once there, I will arrange to get the rental car from wherever it is most convenient for me.

Also, be sure to use any coupons or promotional codes you have for securing the best available car rental rate.  If you cannot find an available but have already located the company you hope to use as your rental car company, call the company and inquire about available discounts for your dates of travel.

Lesson?  As with everything, research all possibilities so you can make the best decision possible. In this scenario, I will be renting from a company that will bring the car to my location instead of needing to go off the airport property to pick up the best priced car located in/around the airport. This plan just so happened to also help me save quite a bit of money, money I would not have saved if I did not do the research!  Start by checking Expedia, then research all angles!

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