Peter Pan’s Flight – Disneyland Paris

Name of attraction:

Peter Pan’s Flight, Fantasyland, Disneyland Paris

Opening date:

April 12th, 1992


Peter Pan’s flight is a suspended dark ride attraction based on the classic Walt Disney film. Guests fly in miniatute galleons through the Darling house and above London and Neverland. It features animatronics of some of the most famous characters. The Paris version of the ride is nearly identical to the Disneyland one and is the longest.

Length of attraction:

3 mins

Opinion or personal story about the attraction:

There was no way we couldn’t ride this attraction whilst at DLP as it is a Disney classic. We were lucky to ride during Extra Magic Hours (courtesy of staying at the DLP Sequioa Lodge hotel) so there was very little queue, otherwise you always need to Fast Pass it as it gets very busy just like at Walt Disney World. We enjoyed the ride but were disappointed that the scene over London was very dark. Apparently some of the street lights are broken but to be honest it scared my 2 year old a bit as it was pitch black. This ride is longer than WDW, 3 mins compared to 2.30 and I really liked it. I love the sense of flying and anything to do with Tink. A really good fun family ride, although DLP do need to do a little maintainence.

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