How to Get the Best Available Airfare

Southwest airlinesFlying is often the best option for you and your family to get to your Disney destination.  Most people find that flying to their destination is the quickest and easiest mode of transportation.

In order for everyone to get a better flight cost, consider the following:

  1. Sign up for Emails - I have always traveled to Disney using Southwest when flying to Orlando.  I regularly receive emails from Southwest to notify me of when the less expensive flights are available based on my home city.  These emails come to my inbox about once or twice a month, thus not feeling like spam.  Other airlines also offer these types of emails to help you save on your airfare.
  2. Bundle and SaveExpedia lets you book your flights and your resort as a package.  The bundling of the two together can really save you loads of cash!
  3. Sign up for Ding! - If you could use Southwest for flights, consider downloading this software to your smart phone or computer.  Once you have Ding! downloaded, be sure to go through the process of getting it setup for the airports you are interested in flying from and to.  When Southwest has a special fare available for one of the airports you have selected, you will hear a “DING!” sound.  Click on the application to get the available fares and begin you saving!  Remember, if you have booked through Southwest and see that a lower fare is now available, you can request a credit for the difference in price.  Your credit can be used on future Southwest flights.
  4. Compare Fares if you Dates are Flexible – If your date of travel is not set in stone, go ahead and check to see if there are other days to travel when the rates for the flights are less expensive.  If using Southwest, type in where you want to travel to and the dates of travel.  Once you move on to the next screen, you will find a list of the available fares for those dates.  Above that, you will find a link entitled, “Try Our Low Fare Calendar” where you can review what dates include the lowest available fares for your destination of travel.  For flights booked through carriers other than Southwest, check with Expedia by checking the box next to “My dates are flexible” to find the best fares around your dates of travel.
  5. Check Other Airlines – Checking with multiple airlines can help you save as well.  Why pay $250 per person to get to your Disney destination if you could instead pay $200 for a comparable flight with a different carrier?  Use websites such as Expedia to find the least expensive carrier.  Remember, Southwest does not display their fares on Expedia so be sure to check their fares on their website if Southwest is an option for you.
  6. Check Other Airports – Simply because you want to travel to Disney World or Disneyland, does not mean that you must travel to the closest airport.  There are several other area airports close by each of these destinations that, if selected, may save you quite a bit of money.

These are some of the best ways to save on flights.  Should you have favorites of your own, please feel free to comment for others’ benefit!

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