Landscape and Gardening Savings

As the seasons change, I can hardly wait to get my hands in the dirt and see what I can grow!  Last year was my first time to grow a vegetable garden.  It was back-breaking (and as I recall, back burning) work.  This year, I began again with that garden.  I hope it is successful, as it has now been moved to a new location!

How to Save:  To save money on the vegetable garden, I started the plants from seed.  I started them about 6 weeks ago.  Most of them were fairly large when I planted them so I hope that their success is high.  The cost of the seeds were about $1 per vegetable.  You can use an egg carton and some soil in order to get your seeds started!  This is an excellent way to get vegetable plants at a fraction of the cost.  In my area, the cost of the vegetable plants starts at $3.58 per plant!  In my garden, I planted approximately 75 plants.  If I had paid $3.58 per plant, that garden would have cost me $268.50!

In addition to starting that garden at a great savings, I decided to expand my landscaping around my house this year. To save money on the landscaping, I regularly pursue the clearance isles at Lowe’s.  You will find the clearance items in back portion of the plant section.  The amount of plants varies.  The savings found here are typically 60-70% off of the original cost of the plants.

In addition to the great rates, my Lowe’s honors a plant exchange policy of one year on all plants. Lowes will even allow the exchange of plants purchased from the clearance section.

Additional Discounts: One final tip, if you plan on purchasing from Lowes, purchase a gift card from Plastic Jungle before you shop.  Plastic Jungle sells their Lowe’s gift cards at a 7% discount.

If you want to expand your landscaping or put in a vegetable garden, these tips will save you quite a bit of money.  And just think, in addition to saving money on plants, if you put in the vegetable garden, you will also save money from your grocery bill!  Keep saving!

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