Credit Card Comparison for Best Rewards

I am the owner of a Disney Premium Visa and the Discover Card.  These two cards have long been my two favorites.  Each month Discover Card sets certain categories of purchases to receive a 5% cashback bonus.  Other purchases still receive a cashback bonus of 1%.  To get the most of my rewards programs, I use the Discover Card on the purchases in the 5% category, then use my Disney Premium Visa for all other purchases.  The Premium Visa receives 2% on many purchase categories every month, while receiving 1% on all nonassigned categories.  These are my personal cards of choice, while many others exist.

Hoping I was maximizing my reward receipts, I decided to look at a comparison of my cards versus other cards I do not use.  In this comparison, I am going to look irrespective of any sign up bonuses that may be available and only on normal purchases (not ones specific such as Southwest Tickets, etc to which the Southwest Visa card pays more points).

So, consider:

Southwest Rapid Reward Visa – Earn 1 point per $1.  To purchase a flight now using the reward points, the least expensive cost per point for a flight is 60 points per $.  You need 6000 points for a $100 flight.  As such, the point earned with this Reward Visa are valued at $.01667.  ($1/60 points = $.0167) Rewards for this card come in the form of free flights.

Discover Card – This card includes a sliding scale of percentage bonuses on purchases.  Cardholders are assigned anniversaries.  During that annual anniversary, they receive .25% back on their first $3000 in purchases, then receive 1% on any additional purchases over the initial $3000 in purchases thenceforward for the remainder of that annual year.  Thus the value of the points earned with this card is valued at less than $.01 before reviewing the possible 5% bonus you can receive in certain purchase categories.  Rewards come in the form of cash or can be received in gift cards or merchandise.  Rewards are valued less than $.01.

Disney Premium Visa - Earn 2% in Disney reward dollars on a variety of purchases in categories gas, groceries and restaurants.  All other purchases receive 1% in Disney reward dollars.  Thus the value of the points earned with this card is valued at $.01 to $.02 depending on the purchases made.  Disney reward dollars can be used for purchases in Disney stores or in their theme parks.

Delta Skymiles America Express – Earn 1 point per dollar.  The least amount of points needed for a domestic round trip flight is 25,000 points.  This makes finding a value per point more complicated.  For example, if you used the points to purchase a flight valued at $200, the value of each point is $.008 (25,000 points / $200).  However, if that flight was instead valued at $500, the value of each point is $.02.  Rewards for this card come in the form of free flights.

I was happy that the Disney Premium Visa is among the highest reward giver.  Be sure that you compare the rewards given by your credit card of choice to others available.  Get the most out of you dollars and get to Disney faster!

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