Strategies for Paying for Disney – Open an ING Saving Account

When planning a vacation to Disney, it is a great idea to establish an account specifically for your Disney savings.  ING Direct is a great place to hold those funds.  To open your ING Direct account follow these steps:

  • Go here and click Continue to apply.
  • Open an ING Direct Electric Orange Account. There is no minimum to open the account but you want to put in at least a few dollars so you can make some purchases.

Once you have established your account, consider setting up regular deposits of any amount your feel comfortable with in order to help you meet your Disney savings goals.  Make the amount as little or as high as you feel comfortable with.  The important thing is to begin the saving!

Be sure to also check out ING Direct’s Checking Account where you can earn $50 for signing up and establishing your account. That is also a great way to start your Disney savings!

ING Direct is an online bank that has very higher interest rates than those offered at the local banks.  I personally have been a member of ING Direct since 2003 without any problems ever!  In fact, I use this bank for all my bills while also receiving interest on my money!  I love the bank for the ability to pay bill from my smart phone or by computer.  I am even able to pay individuals through the bank without use of stamps, another great way to save some money!  Also, this bank offers no overdraft fees and FREE ATMs!

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