Why Use a Lanyard in Disney?

One thing you might notice when you are vacationing in Disney is that so many of the guests are wearing lanyards.  If you do not know what a lanyard is, it is a ribbon type necklace which is worn.  The ribbon often times displays the guests favorite characters or theme park logo.  Now that you know what a lanyard is, WHY would you want one?  Here are the reasons:

  1. To display your Disney pins you hope to trade with other pin trading guests or Cast Members.
  2. To hold your credit cards and drivers license.  This will require that you have the pouch for holding the cards.
  3. To hold your room key.  You will need quick access to this if at the parks during the Extra Magic Evening Hours.
  4. To hold your theme park ticket.  This will help you quickly grab your park ticket for getting into the parks or for getting a fast pass.
  5. To hold cash.
  6. To hold your bottle of water.  These lanyards are often sold at various kiosks in the theme parks (I have seen more of them in EPCOT than in other theme parks.)

Basically, the lanyards are great for people who travel to Disney and hope to travel with little in their pockets.

The lanyards are available in the theme parks.  The average cost is $9 for the lanyards without the lanyard pouch.  If you prefer to purchase them before you go, you can save nearly half the cost!  Here are two:

Disney Mickey Mouse Navy Lanyard - Mickey Lanyard - Mickey Necklace (1pc)

Disney Mickey Mouse Navy Lanyard for $2.35

Disney Princess Lanyard

Disney Princess Lanyard – $4.82

These lanyards cost much less than those found at Disney.  There are many other lanyard character patterns available as well.  Follow this link to all of them available at these great prices.

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  1. August 24, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    If you don’t absolutely HAVE to have a Disney themed lanyard, the best and most practical one I’ve found is in the badge/lanyard section at Staples-called a credential holder-it is black with a clear window and three pockets (two zippered) to hold and organize all of the above-except for pins, of course. The holder is about 3″X5″. I don’t like the clear plastic holders sold at Disney because most do not zip shut, and the ones that do are only big enough for a few tickets and fast passes, and the zipper is one of those sliding plastic ones. The one at Staples is perfect!

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