How You can Help Support Meet the Magic

Disney Magic departing Port Canaveral.

Disney Magic departing Port Canaveral. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you got a new Disney World vacation planned and booked with Disney?  Are you excited to go on your vacation, planning each one of your vacation day’s fun?

Now that you have your reservation all booked at, you could do Meet the Magic AND yourself a great service by transferring your reservation to Magical Journeys.  Here is why:

  • Magical Journeys (MJ)  NEVER charges a reservation fee.  The cost of booking through MJ is exactly the same as if you were to book through Disney.
  • If you have a coupon or promotion you want assigned to the reservation, it can be handled by MJ, just as it is handled by Disney.
  • If a new applicable promotion or discount comes available during your booking timeframe, MJ will contact YOU to see if you are interested in taking advantage of the discount.  You will NEVER have Disney all you to let you know you can save money on your existing reservation!
  • You can speak to the same person for all of your Disney vacation bookings needs.  If you are a regular Disney traveler, you get to speak with the same MJ representative for each of your vacations!

Try Magical Journeys today!  You may just save yourself some money and your reservation will help to support Meet the Magic.  Please use this EASY-to-fill-out form to get your FREE quote or to transfer your existing reservation.

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