Tower of Terror – Disneyland Paris

Name of attraction:

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Production Courtyard, Walt Disney Studies, Disneyland Paris

Opening date:

22nd Dec 2007


The original Tower of Terror opened at the then Disney-MGM Studios in July 1994, and took over 13 years to then open in December 2007 at Disneyland Paris’ Walt Disney Studios. The attraction takes place in the fictional Hollywood Tower Hotel. The story of the hotel includes being struck by lightning on October 31st 1939 and mysteriously transporting an entire elevator cart full of passengers to the Twighlight Zone, causing an entire wing of the hotel to disappear. Regardless of the number of randomised drops and lifts during the ride, there is always one “faux drop” intended to startle passengers and one full drop through the entire tower. Although not referenced at the attraction, the ride’s official French name is: La Tour de la Terreur – Un Saut dans la Quatrième Dimension; literally “a jump into the fourth dimension”. Strangely, the original American television series always descripted it as the fifth dimension!

Length of attraction:

5 minute pre-story, 3 minute ride

Opinion or personal story about the attraction:

The Tower of Terror ride in WDW is my all time favourite attraction at any theme park, anywhere. So the DLP version had a lot to live up to. It did not fail. We had use of VIP Fast Passes that day courtesy of me being a DLP Shareholder so being able to by-pass the regular line was great in itself although you do miss out on some of the great theming that way. The “video” was in English but the start of the “ride” was in French. No biggie as we were in France after all but I was glad to know the spiel from the US rides. The actual ride and drop itself? Fantastic! Really helped I was with a first-timer, my DHs 60 something aunt who screamed and grabbed my arm for dear life the whole time, just made me enjoy it all the more and laugh even louder, haha. Just like at WDW I love it when the window opens and you get to see the views of the park below you. Defiantly not for anyone with vertigo, but otherwise, not to be missed!

1 comment for “Tower of Terror – Disneyland Paris

  1. Sharon
    August 6, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    I have ridden TOT in Florida, California and in Paris and they are all special and unique! The que and setting leading up to each one is different. Not to mention, riding suring daylight and darktime is different too! Cannot compare apples and oranges!

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