Planning Your Disney Vacation

For those of you who have never visited Disney, you can wing it and have a pretty great time. However, if you enjoy planning a vacation in order to get an even better vacation, Meet the Magic is a great place to start! Here you will find out all sorts of information to get you planned and prepared:

1. The Best Time to Travel To DisneyA large trunk with leather handles

2. Where will you stay when you arrive at Disney? On or off property?

3. Will you be using the Disney transportation or will you be renting a vehicle?

4. How will you get to Disney? Car, train, or plane?

5. How many days will you be going to the parks?

6. Will you be visiting any other area attractions?

7. Will you be purchasing the dining plan?

8. Should You Purchase the Disney Photopass?

Finally, once you have all of your plans ready and you are packing, be sure to check out the Ultimate Disney Packing List here.

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