Advice for Visiting Disney in the Rain

My past vacation, the skies opened up and decided to rain and rain and rain.  I kept waiting for the rain to stop, yet day after day when we woke and looked out the window, we saw that yet again, we would have an all day long rain-athon.  Not to be stopped, we headed out to the parks.  We found that they were still quite overly crowded and that many other people had woke up daily with the attitude that the rain would NOT stop them either.

Of course, the best piece of advice for a visit to the Disney theme parks in the rain is to take a poncho!  I bet you have thought of that but let me stress the need for a poncho INSTEAD of an umbrella.  I actually like an umbrella better than a poncho and attempted to use the umbrella in addition to my poncho on one day of the rainy vacation rather than using my poncho’s hood.  What I found was that it was nearly impossible to drive a two-hand-necessary stroller with the one free hand.  I attempted to change from driving the stroller with one handle to driving the stroller with the other handle and still I was driving so erratically I thought surely I would get taken out of Disney by security for drunk driving.  I soon ditched the umbrella and went back to the hood on the poncho.

Before heading to the parks this vacation, I invested in a $5 poncho made of a much thicker plastic than the one I had previously used in a past vacation to Disney.  The older one was the $1 poncho you can purchase from Wal-Mart which is so thin, you can nearly look at it wrong and it rip!  Once to Disney and we saw that it was going to rain the whole vacation, I was VERY excited to have the much more substantial one.  What was even better is that the $5 poncho was made for many, many uses rather than a one and done like the $1 one.

While the correct poncho is essential when vacation during the rain at a theme park, I would say that even more than this was the need for pair of shoes that will allow you to walk properly in the rain.  I cannot tell you how many people I saw wipe out as they walked through the rain.  Many that were not falling, I observed walking as though they were on egg shells.  Flip flops seemed to be the culprit many times for the slip and fall accidents.  The shoes simply did not stay on the foot of the person.  Remember too to check the traction you have on your shoes.

So, what pairs of shoes appeared to have the best traction and rain friendliness?  The crocs!  The shoe dries nearly right after entering a shop, attraction, etc.  The traction on the bottom of a new or fairly new shoe also is great.  Even better, they are not expensive!  Here is a pair for only $24!  Of course, these shoes are extremely comfortable as well making them a great shoe for everyday park travels!

Lesson – Be sure to always check the weather report for your vacation.  If rain is forecasted, be sure to pack accordingly!  You do NOT want a slip and fall to stop you in your park touring tracks!

4 comments for “Advice for Visiting Disney in the Rain

  1. Jud
    July 4, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    I am on an ECV and except for the little quickie showers we used to get every afternoon at 3:15PM, I have found the ponchos are not good enough. What I did was to get a full rain suit, and as it was “water-resistant”, a can of 3M waterproofer (in the camping section) and fully treated that baby, and I can keep going even when the CM’s are running for cover (as actually happened one fine day in Epcot!) Also have a plastic “cowboy” hat that goes with it. I put a plastic bag over my controls and I just keep going! :)

  2. Kathy Blanchard
    October 12, 2012 at 9:37 am

    I rained alot when we were at WDW in sept this year too. we had brought our daughter and 5 kids (aged 18, 15,11,8, and 7) We stayed at Fort Wilderness, Yes our tents leaked, had squirrls in the food tent but we “played in the rain” We didnt mind the water rides at all, Any weather in Disney, is still better that being at home!

  3. Crystal Young
    October 14, 2012 at 11:14 am

    A poncho is a must when you go to Disney! Some of the best times to take photos at the Magic Kingdom is at night after (or during) a light rain. We usually bring two each in case one doesn’t dry out before the next night or one rips.

  4. Jeanie Carpenter
    October 14, 2012 at 11:43 pm

    We went this year the first week in June, we usually go the first week in July and we live in South Alabama so we are VERY use to the sudden downpours but I still wish I would have seen this article before we went. Spent one whole day at the resort and was rained out two other days at the parks!! :(

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