Expedition Everest by Zach Nace

The mountains of Expedition: Everest.

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Name of Attraction:

Expedition Everest

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Climb aboard a railway car for a full-steam-ahead adventure bound for Mount Everest. Your trek across the treacherous terrain of the towering Forbidden Mountain begins with a few scenic twists and turns, and then sets out on an ascent towards the summit.

From this panoramic point with amazing views across Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, you plunge into darkness. Returning to the light, you see that the tracks have been twisted into a dead end. As the wind howls, you realize there’s no place to go on this expedition—or is there?

Careening into the darkness, you might get a glimpse of the denizen of this icy domain. Nail-biting hairpin turns hurl you forward and down sudden drops on the mountain slopes in a race to escape.

But beware. There, up ahead… waiting for you… lurks the Yeti.

Approximate Length:

3 minutes

Opinion or personal story about the Attraction:

I got to ride this ride, this year! I never wanted to ride this just do to the fact that it was one of the larger roller coasters in Walt Disney World and if you know me I don’t do a lot of roller coasters. In this case however, my friends coaxed me onto the ride and to be honest it wasn’t that bad. The only part that really got to me was the going backwards part. It made my stomach feel so weird! Other than that the rider is terrific! I would say if you have a chance to ride, ride it!


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