Give EPCOT’s United Kingdom and Canadian Pavilion a Call

Classic Red Phone Booth

Classic Red Phone Booth (Photo credit: IceNineJon)

When visiting EPCOT, a walk through the World Showcase is always in order.  When visiting the United Kingdom and Canada’s Pavilion, one thing that is really fun to do is to visit the phone booths.  Many a guests enters the booth for photo opportunities.

However, during a recent post at The Disney Moms about fun FREE things to do in Disney World, Jodi pointed out that these phone booths are actually assigned their very own phone numbers.  Guests from outside the park can freely call and speak to any guest in the park who answers the phone!

So, if you are wanting to have a few minutes fun when at home and missing EPCOT, give a ring to one of the United Kingdom and Canadian Pavilion phone booths:

Right Booth: (407) 827-9861
Left Booth: (407) 827-9862
Center Booth: (407) 827-9863
Canada Phone Booth: (407) 827-9884

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