EPCOT – Imagination Pavilion’s Captain EO

Name of Attraction:

Imagination Pavilion’s Captain EO

Opening Date:

September 12, 1986 and July 2, 2010

Closing Date:

July 6, 1994

Approximate Length:

17 Minutes


This attraction takes place in the Magic Eye Theather located in the Imagination Pavilion replacing the “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” show during its most recent opening.  Captain EO stars Michael Jackson in a 3D experiences.  Guests must use 3D glasses to gain the full effect of this attraction.

The show includes a variety of musical performaces by Michael Jackson as he takes his crew of ragtag members on a mission to deliver a gift to “The Supeme Leader”, played by Anjelica Huston.  The crew contains a variety of creatures to include a small sidekick Fuzzball (Debbie Carrington), Ody (Cindy Sorenson), the security officer, Major Domo (Gary Depew), a small robot, Minor Domo who rides within a module of Major Domo and the adorable elephant Hooter (Tony Cox).  As they make the way to give the gift, Captain EO’s boss, Commander Bog (Dick Shawn), whose opinion is that they will mess up their mission.

Captain EO is not to be discouraged and gets his crew to the planet.  Once they arrived, the take off to bring the Supreme Leader her gift but are soon captured by the henchmen.  Once to the Supreme Leader, they were sentenced to 100 years of torture in her deepest dungeon.  Captain EO quickly seizes a moment and states that he sees the beauty hidden within the Leader and states that he can unlock it with his son, “We Are Here to Change the World”.

As the song opens, Hooter causes several problems as he slips and falls on Captain EP’s cape, causing all music to stop.  Hooter is able to make a few repairs and get the instruments working.  With the music blasting, Captain EO is able to defend himself against the henchmen and then transform the dark guards into dancers who immediately begin a dance routing with the Captain.  Though successful at turning many of the guards to his side, Captain EO is left alone to deal with the Whip Warriers.  As he runs from the Warriers, he is nearly trapped by a closing gate when Fuzzball comes to his rescue, tieing the whips held by the Warriers together.  When they then attempt to capture Captain EO, they instead end up being captured themselves and also transformed into magnificient dancers.  The dance progresses until they are able to transform the Supreme Leader into a beautiful woman, wearing a flowing dress surrounded by beutifully landscaped land.

The dancers then begin a new number with Captain EO, “Another Part of Me”, as EO and his crew exit the scene and fly off into space.

My Personal Experience:

I have now seen this particular attraction many times.  The shows are 17 minutes long, but they never fill to capacity.  As such, there is never more than a 17 minute wait to get in.  I find the music and dancing to be so fun, making me want to see the film over and over.  After leaving, I even find myself humming the various songs throughout the remainder of the day.  I have been a longtime Michael Jackson fan, so finding value to this attraction was not difficult!

1 comment for “EPCOT – Imagination Pavilion’s Captain EO

  1. Jud
    February 24, 2012 at 11:22 am

    I never saw it until the return- but had viewed a few YouTube videos of it- not nearly beginning to capture the experience. Was very happy when they brought it back- just so I could see it for the history of it- and the first time was okay, that was good- a bit dated, but enjoyable. Then I saw it again- and again, and every time, it gets better and better! Of course, it helps if you are willing to move- and it is hard not to! Michael really is amazing.



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