10 Reasons NOT to Visit Magic Kindom’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

There are so many people wanting to visit Disney World’s Magic Kingdom during the Halloween Season and experience the park.  Some are even brave enough to also visit the park during the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  During this time in the parks, you will find that it is extremely festive and highly adorable which can be annoying and frustrating.   Be sure to read and make your own judgment about whether this could even be for you and your family.

  1. Right from the start of your visit, you will see such crazy bright signs announcing it is Halloween Time.
    Disneyland Halloween Time Sign

    Disney’s Halloween Time Sign

    Brace yourself.  Mickey’s head can be hid in these wild decorations!

  2. You may hate the adorable costumes used by your favorite characters. 

    Mickey and Minnie Dressed in Costume

    I bet you did not even recognize Mickey in that straw hat.

  3. There is a different and much more entertaining parade at the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  
    halloween parade

    Boo to You Parade

    Just the grave diggers portion in the Boo to You Parade will make you want to see that parade instead of any other parade in the future.

  4. Cinderella Castle is hidden in by the green colors.
    halloween fireworks

    Cinderella Castle in Green during Not So Scary Halloween Party

    Who knew the castle could look so eco-friendly.  Must be Disney’s way of reminding people to recycle.

  5. Guests of the parks even arrive unrecognizable, in their favorite costumes.
    Magic Kingdom Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Spiderman Costume

    Guests Arrive in their Own Costumes

    Now, a regular day with guests in regular clothes will be so boring.

  6. There are a wide variety of merchandise highly decorated for the Halloween holiday.
    Halloween Duffy

    Duffy Dressed for Halloween

    Now the non-Halloween merchandise looks so boring.  Blah.

  7. Now some of the attractions, like the Carousel of Progress, will appear highly themed as well.
    Magic Kingdom Carousel of Progress Halloween

    Magic Kingdom Carousel of Progress Halloween

    You will never look at this attraction the same again.

  8. Main Street U.S.A. has large scarecrows lurking all over.  Disney World Magic Kingdom Halloween DecorationsHow will we ever see Maleficent now that all of the crows have been scared off?
  9. You looked for Donald and could not find him.  
    Disney Halloween Donald Duck

    Disney Halloween Donald Duck Costume

    Word has it, Donald might be in disguise as a pumpkin hiding somewhere in the Magic Kingdom.

  10. The Mickey’s Not So Scary parade shows you how much more awesome it is than any other parade.  
Disney Mickeys Not so Scary Headless Horseman

Disney Mickey’s Not so Scary Headless Horseman

How will you ever recover after a vacation to Disney World during the Halloween season?  With all of this in mind, will you be brave enough to visit?  If you plan on going to the party, be sure to pre-order your tickets from Undercover Tourist here where you will save $8 per ticket!

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